19 Profitable Businesses To Start on Campus with Little or no Money

profitable business to start on campus
  • 19 incredible businesses you can start on campus today with little or no money

Are you a student planning of starting a business in your college or university campus? Do you need business ideas you can start on your campus?

Well, I have got 19 solid sure businesses you can start on campus today with little or no money.

You have heard of Facebook, Dell, Microsoft, right? Apart from these companies shaking up the world with their innovative products and services, one thing they all have in common is that, they were all started in a colleges or university dorm.

You can do same!

You only need ideas that works. You discover you next course of action by the time you are done with this post.

What you will learn:

  • Why university or college campus and why?
  • 19 solid ideas to take home
  • Quick action plan.

Why campus and why now?

I have written a comprehensive article on starting a business campus. I talked more the reasons why university or college campus is the best place to start a business.

But let me just get some points down:

  • Availability of resources
  • Unlimited potentials
  • There is a lot of energy to keep you going
  • Failure is will not be the end
  • The ability to connect with like-minded people
  • It is easy to find a partner
  • There is a huge market base to exploit
  • High tech skills is needed which you already have r can easily acquire.
  • Free or low cost marketing opportunities

Low cost Campus business ideas

Here, I have researched into low cost college or university businesses you can start on campus today with little or no money. Have a look:

  1. Start your own Sobolo business.

I am talking as a university student and from a Ghanaian perspective. Sobolo drink is a hot business on university campus across the nation.

It is true that people are into Sobolo business. You can still enter and conquer the market with little branding and innovation.

If you could repackage, modify, take out or add certain ingredients which will make it unique you will win customers. And that could be your unique selling proposition.

  1. Create a YouTube channel.

What are you using the internet for? Many people are just doing what they love and they’re getting paid doing that right on YouTube.

Using you Google account you can create your own YouTube account, create videos and start a successful business.

how to start a YouTube channel

You can pull together campus friends and shot a movie or a funny story and upload to your account. You can monetise your account with ads.

People like Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of Smosh a popular YouTube channel about comedy earn about 8.5 million a year.

You can create a YouTube channel about any topic you love whether poems, comedy, campus stories, just name them. With a bit of artistic and creativity you could also become a YouTube star and millionaire.

  1. Start campus event planning business.

College and university campuses are filled all kinds of parties every single day. Students love to party, they love to show up in their fancy clothing in a fashionable way.

You can tap into this unquenchable need of students. You can collaborate with other students to form an event planning business where you will organised events and party for students at a fee.

You could invite an artist to perform. You may never know may it is could be your lackey day.

  1. Start a campus newsletter

They are also hottest trends and story roaming around campus. You can start a newsletter or a magazine which collect student’s views, stories and valuable information.

You will make money from local advertising or from sale of your newsletter. You can even transform everything thing into a web based thing in order to reach many

  1. Create a website to help students who has things to sell connect with those who want to buy.

Yes you can make this possible. There will always be someone who has things to sell and someone who want to buy things. You could bring these people to ether on a platform.

A campus based site which allows students to sell their stuff to other students.  You could charge students to post their ad or make it free and earn with advertising both online and offline.


  1. Do graphic designing business

If I have not seen anything from my campus, I know for sure that during campus election and campaigns there is a lot of demand for graphics and posters.

If you have some graphic designing skills, you start you own graphic designing service on campus.

graphic designing

With tools like Photoshop, coral draw, Gimp, etc. your opportunities are unlimited. You can design logos, posters, business cards for people and charge them a fee.

  1. Start a web designing venture

Well, the internet is everywhere and the internet need webpages and webpages combine to build websites. Every company out there wants or may have a website.

Students groups, lectures, NGOs, colleague students and others need a website. If know web development can capitalise on your skills. Even if you don’t, you can learn how to develop website.

For it is a skill I strongly recommend you develop. You may not have to be an expert web developer, you can use WordPress to build great websites. Just learn how to develop websites.

  1. Start a blog

Blogging is a hot thing now. People are making millions from their blogs. You too can. You can start a campus based blog or any blog about any topic of your interest.

All you will have to do is do some research and write good and highly informational articles and post them online.

If you really want to go more serious, you can buy a domain name and a web hosting package, then you could install WordPress and you are in.

If you have good article, you will get traffic, you monetise your blog with ads from Google AdSense, Infolinks and others. You get paid when someone visits your site and click on an ad. Easy right?


  1. Photography

With the beaming of smartphone and high quality cameras, photography has become easier than before.

Why do you think students dress up in their beautiful and their fancy cloths for when going lecture? Have you ever imagine why people poses all kind pose to take a selfie?


You can tap into this need. Become a photographer, go around campus, short student, add a customise greeting and get it printed out for them at a small fee. People will love this. Add a bit of creativity and small flair and you’re a winner.

You can use Facebook or Instagram to promote your photos. On Instagram, it is possible to sell your photos and make money.

  1. Write books

Books has always been part of us. It is from books that we were thought how to do almost everything.  Have you got some tips, or some ideas?

You can share it by writing short books.

Digitise your books by making them eBooks. Amazon kindle is flooded with eBooks you can sell yours there.

To be able to sell much with books writing, I recommend you start small by posting on social media sites and notice board on around campus to gain credibility. And when that is established, you can launch your book with a price tag.

  1. Do computer programs installing

Computers are everywhere and this is what students use to do assignments, research, entertainment and other things. Most students are addicted to their computers.

Many are also reluctant to search or buy or download certain applications and software. If you have the resources you can install programs on the computers of other students for a fee.

In one scenarios, a friend has to pay Ghs for windows 8.1 installation, so imagine you install it for 10, 40, and even 100 different students. How much do you think you can make?

  1. Open a video game centre

Students love computer games FIFA, Batman, you name them. If you have the resources, you can start your own video game centre on campus and get student to play at a fee.

  1. Start a grocery shop on campus

You aren’t happy with the way people are monopolizing the market right? Why don’t you start a campus based grocery shop?

Make your good cheaper for students to afford and offer dorm to dorm delivery service.

  1. Make designer bracelet or jewellery and sell

Well, this is fashion. Gone are the days when bracelet were worn by only ladies. But it’s ladies and gentlemen thing now.

jewel and bracelet business

You know how make bands or jewellery, you could make customised ones and sell it to students.

You don’t need expensive materials, stones, gold or diamonds. Just keep it simple and upgrade as you grow. Bet me on this, there is huge demand for stuffs like these.

When a bit of creativity and marketing skills, you can be booming in millions sooner than you think.

  1. Start a campus based TV and post your video in YouTube

A lot of activities goes on campus which are jaw breaking. Interesting moment, funny stories, and incredible scenes could captured.

You could start something like a campus TV, shot videos and post them on YouTube. With a little hard work and determination, you could make money.

  1. Sell smartphone accessories

Smartphone are everywhere, roughly, virtually every university or college student has a smartphone be it android, iPhone or windows and even blackberry.

Smartphone accessories

People definitely will need batteries, cases, chargers, earpiece and other smartphone accessories. You can start a business to sell these stuffs at a cheaper price. For everyone wants cheap and quality things.

  1. Have any specials skill, teach others at a fee

Do you have any specials skills which you can teach? Can play an instrument? Can you develop websites? Do you understand certain concepts is in a subject?

Why not find a means to teach others for some small fee. You can offer to teach your friends at some small fee. And this could be a great you can start in college.

  1. Start a fast food business on campus

Not every student like or knows how to cook. Though some of us know and like cooking but many don’t. You can make your way into this idea and give it a try.

start a fast food business

You can a fast food service on campus that specialises in making simply but highly nutritional meals at affordable price for students who don’t like cooking.

Recently, I have a couple fast food start up around campus. This suggest that a that industry is hot and people are making money there. You can also enter with your unique products and services.

After customers want variety.

  1. Become a mobile money agent

Mobile money is gaining a lot of momentum in Ghana now. Nearly 85% of student receives and send money via mobile money service like MTN mobile money, Vodafone Cash, Airtel Money and Tigo Cash.

You can register as an agent and earn a special commission on transfers and withdrawals.

To add a bit of innovation, you can become a moving mobile money agent, instead of sitting for students to come to you, you can go to them.

Quick action plan

I strongly urge you to at least pick one these ideas and simply give it a try. You will learn better when you are actually doing it. This might not be your first website you have visited for college business idea.

Which is very truth but how long are going to keep searching and searching? There is not perfect time or a perfect idea. You alone can make a perfect time or an idea. Perfection comes with constant practice.

Just stop procrastination and get into action. Action is the way you can see results. Challenge yourself now. Give these ideas a try. And you may never know where the sky ends.

It could be a fun loving adventure. No matter how it may be, remember that may people just like you have ever faced the same situation as you are right now. And they have gone a long way to overcome them. You too can do it.

Final words

In your quest for business you can start on university or college campus, you landed on this blog. It is my hope that you have found an inspiration. As you went through this article what strike you most?

Did I miss something out? Are you thinking other possible business ideas? Let’s do this together, just leave what is in your mind in the comment section, and I bet you I don’t mind rewriting this whole post to reflect your ideas.



James Kiliffin
James Kiliffin is a Content Writer | Digital Marketer | Social Media Manager and an Entrepreneur. He loves writing and spends most his time advising clients and developing marketing strategies. He mostly writes on topics such social media marketing, entrepreneurship, startup, news, blockchain and more.
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