Secret: These 9 Mind Blowing Things Change Your Life Forever

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9 Mind blowing things if you do now will change your life forever

Greatness is a lot of small things done well. Changing your life and your current situation doesn’t happen in a flash. No, it is not automatic. It is process that requires persistence and daily work out.

If you desire to be valued and be seen as successful, then you must do what the successful people do that make them stand out.

Developing yourself every day is the best key to changing your life for good. In this article you will discover 9 mind blowing things if you do now will change your life and make you’re the hero you have always wanted to be.

  1. Improve yourself every day.

We humans are like a muscle, we grow with a continuous workout. You were not like this when you were born. The knowledge and the skills you have today is as a result of everyday learning and experience gained over the years.

Just 10 years ago, you were somewhere in JHS with a limited knowledge of how world operate. You can testify that you are more experience now since you devoted yourself to learning and studying.

If you decide now to read and learn you will increase yourself in knowledge and in respect. Today, in the 21st century ideas, that is information is the key to success.

 One thing about information is that it is embedded in you. No one can take away from you. You can package it and sell. You can repackage it sell again and again.

Work on yourself every day. Read personal improvement books. Follow life changing websites. Don’t waste most your precious time watching movies or chatting on social media. Learn something new.

find what you love

  1. You love doing something? Learn more about it and master it.

I often tell my friends that is worth nothing to say I love music, or I love talking. If your love for a particular thing is not yielding positive effects in the long run. Then it is a waste of time.

I love the idea of starting a business, and do you know what I did? Over the years, I have devoted my time to read and understand matters relating to business, I follow websites and personalities who are titans in the industry.

In this way, I am invariably putting my passion into a grow state and increasing the chances of making my making it happen.

This world is filled with many people who have identify their passions and have turned them into successful businesses which you can hardly live without.

The biography of Steve Jobs has taught me many life lessons. The tech guru Steve Jobs has always love electronics and computers. And you know what he did? He sold his car and co founder Apple computers which we all love to possess their products.

Everyone has a passion for something. If you know what you love why don’t you learn more about it and see how you can turn it into something that will impact lives.

  1. Read wide

Many of us hardly read nowadays which is very sad. Reading have some unprecedented benefits if you want to change your life in the positive, you must tap into.

When I read the story on Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, one of the American fastest growing eCommerce company. I realised that he has always been an avid reader.

read wide books

And it challenges me to read even more. No wonder he was able to come up these ideas that are making him money.

Reading wide exposes you to the insight of great people. Through reading, you have intercourse with serious minds because in their writing, they share their secrets and strategies that made them great.

In our times now, you can access to great books for free on your smartphone, pc or tablet. Google should be your friend. Read and read and your life will never be the same. People will pay you for the knowledge you have.

  1. Follow your passion.

This one the most profound tip I have ever learned. I never knew the consequences of not following my passion until some couple of years ago.

Most people have been misled to accept the status quo, follow the mass. When you follow the mass, you can easily get lost. You were not born to do everything, no, you were born to do a specific thing.

So until you are able to identify that which you were called to do, you will never make it!  In our world of information cluster, where social media and technology dictates what we should do, and whom we should become, it is easy to get lost.

There is something in your mind that never leaves you. Something you think about each and every single day. That is your passion.

Follow is and make it happen. Don’t listen to what others may say or think of you. Those people will always be there to say something.

  1. Make time to think.

Your mind is your greatest asset ever. Sometimes, I just sit and wonder, “am I really using my brain power?” I am not just using it all! People are using their brain faculties and we are worshiping them and their ideas and inventions.

think and imagine

Everything you see from the sleekest designs to the unbelievable and eye catching sky scrapers, cars, tools, home appliances, etc. were conceived in the womb of the mind.

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Make time to think. Don’t just wake up and jump out of the bed as if you’ve got nothing to think about. One thing successful people do always is to spend an hour or two early in morning planning their day.

Your mind was made for thinking and imagination. This is what make us, humans so unique from the other creatures. We can think and use our imagination.

Employ your creativity. Use silence to form and create things in your mind. Visualise and create in your mind eyes a perfect life for yourself. Don’t hurry through the day. Allow yourself to dream and dream big.

  1. Socialise and connect with great minds.

Socialising in this times has been so easy. With the outbreak of the internet and social media, it is easy to sit in your room and connect with great people.

For instance, I follow Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Evan Spiegel, etc. on Twitter and other great people of time. I get to know them through their posts.

great minds

You too can connect with people you admire. Make good friends and establish good relationships. Open your circles and accommodate high thinkers.

This campus is filled with all sort of big men and women. Make time and connect. You may never know when you will meet again.

  1. Watch out! Don’t make excuses

One thing that always prevent people from living up to expectations is excuses. I make some myself every day. However, I am full of action and I don’t entertain excuses.

You have plan to do something, just do it . What is preventing you is you yourself. The truth is: there will never be a perfect time do something.

Every great thing started small as an idea, in one person’s mind. Facebook was only a single idea, a hunch in the mind of the Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

He looked passes the odds and acted on it. The result is the giant social network we have today.

Excuses will never make that dream possible. It will always say something is wrong. Something will always be wrong if you don’t act now.

That is what greatness is all about, it is about taking action and making things happen.

  1. Cultivate a positive mind-set.

The human mind is adaptive. It responds to whatever information or nourishment it receives. It is like asking Google the question: who is the richest person in the world?

With this query you are instructing the search engine to produce a search of the richest person in the whole world. Which it will do after it has compared your question with available data.

positive mindset

This is exactly how your mind work when you go through life doing what you do every day. Your thoughts are the information you are supplying to your mind. Thoughts on the other hand are creative.

Most people go through life carrying negative mind-set. Well, you know the popular quote from the Bible. ‘As a man thinketh so is he’. This means that whatever thoughts you hold in your mind always, so are you.

Cultivate the habit of feeding your mind with positive life changing thoughts. If things don’t work out for you.

Still say it is well. Say I can make it. Declare it is possible I can win. Don’t allow negativities to set in for it can kill you and your dreams.

  1. Find a mentor

You are definitely going somewhere, probably, it is to get to the top. Well, the good news is: most people has gone there and are descending with their hands widely spread out to happily receive you who is at the bottom struggling to climb.

They are ever ready to impact and educate you and the things you don’t yet know. These people are called mentors. Find one and let him or her impact your life.

At first, the concept of mentorship wasn’t very clear to me until now. You don’t necessary need to meet people personally before they can mentor you.

mentoring, coaching, mentor

No! Find them on their websites, subscribe to their newsletters, and follow them on social media.

Their writings alone can give you the encouragement you need. Besides these, your own colleagues and friends can mentor you.

If someone has the knowledge and skills you want to learn and know, approach that person ask for help. Ask them questions.

Find out what they did to get there. So you can have a fail prove blueprint to follow.

Final Thoughts

Life is like a game, if you play it well with a strong powerful strategy, you will win. If you don’t start now and make some little investments in yourself, you can never make.

Remember: it is always a little drop of the water that creates a mighty ocean. Greatness is a lot of small things done well. Take action now and cause a change in your life.

What things have you done recently to improve your life? Sharing is caring. Drop them below and let’s learn from your invaluable deposits of experience.



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