A lady For SRC President:Can Setho and Emmaculate Change Campus Politics?

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Sometimes I wonder where all the intelligent, the splendid, modest, beautiful and the magnificent ladies of UDS Wa campus go to hide when it comes to shooting for the SRC presidency.

It is fear? It is because of lack of confidence? Or the constitution prohibit them? My questions stands unanswered. These ladies are able, fine in their acts, good in speeches and they are characterised by grandeur.

UDS Ladies Have all that it takes

A recent research proves that ladies have the highest chances of persuading more than men. A study too proves that ladies are well articulated and that they can speak more clearly and perfectly than men.

These are basically all that is needed for the campus politics game.

Having all these enablement, on would ask, why will they still shrink to their shells when it comes to the SRC presidency?

They rather resolve to settle low for SRC Treasurer, NUGS Treasurer, BUSA Treasurer, or not venture at all.

But in recent times, we have seen women come up in full for great and enormous position. A typical example is the President of Liberia Her Leadership Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

We have also seen Queen Elizabeth II ruled UK for years. You come to think of powerful women like Hanna Tetteh, Charlotte Osei you named them. This proves beyond doubt that ladies can really to great things in politics.

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 Amurikukor Emmaculate Awelana challenge the status quo.

Just a day ago, our intel proves that Seth Duodu one of the striking SRC aspirant who declared his intentions recently for SRC presidnet have appointed a female as his running mate. Never in the history of UDS to my understanding, has such thing been done before.

Amurikukor Emmaculate Awelana is the lady who want to make the ways. She is a very zealous and talented young lady. A product of Social Science department, a level 200 student.

She is a product of Navrongo SHS. Her leadership skills made her to be elected as the sports prefect for both her JHS school times and her SHS days. Currently, she is the vice president of Woman of Fire, a very powerful Christian Ladies fellowship on campus.

Can Seth Duodu and Amurikukor Emmaculate Awelana create the rules?

A lady SRC president, wow, this is so incredible. Can they make the rules and rewrite history? Well, the two seems to complement each other perfectly.

They are both innovators, creative and are driven by one mission:

To create Gender Inclusive Administration.

seth and emmaculate for src

Honestly, gender inclusive governance in the area of SRC appears to fall shot in my perspective. Considering the fact that, the only area you may see ladies given the full chance to prove their skills and leadership ideologies is only as SRC Treasurer or WOCOM.

But is these only the portfolios our gifted, resplendent and ladies of surpassing excellence can aspire for? Can’t they also be given the same opportunity as the gentlemen stand for SRC president or NUGS president too? Can’t they also go for other departmental presidents too? Like Busa, Edusa, etc.

The truth is: it is possible. The constitution doesn’t place any limitation on any ladies to aspire for these portfolios.

May be they needed someone to stand for them. May be they wanted a path founder. If that is the case then, ladies, stand up. Amurikukor Emamaculate Awelana and Seth Duodu are creating the paths and rewriting the rules. and they say they will not corrupt, tribal or unfair.

They are making history and bring in the missing slot: Gender Inclusion. You might want to rise up and support them.


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