Can These Hopefuls Save Us?



Leadership is a great thing. And people who are able to beat out the odds and stand to promote a cause are those that we should give the mandate to.

Every year on this very campus, especially around this part of the trimester, we see, hear and encounter a lot of people going around with the massage of hope.

They claim and believe they can do better than their predecessors. Their message is simple: “Support me if God willing I will be aspiring for A, B, C portfolio”.

I see nothing wrong with them asking for support. They need it. But my question is: can these hopefuls save us?

I happened to be at the SRC forum last Saturday, and trust me a lot of issues popped up.

Then, I began to reason within myself, can these hopeful really give us the hope we need?

Or they just want the opportunity to play fair like any other mediocre person will do?

Can these hopefuls really bring hope?

Let nomination be opened and see how many students will run to pick a form for different portfolios. Frankly, this is a great thing, isn’t it? We need leaders, therefore, it is a cause worth pursuing.


Along with them is the message of hope to entice us to vote them into power. Well, having power taste differently than being powerless.

They, whom were once sober when they need vote, become a roaring lion when voted into power. Can you imagine this?

Ask them to talk about their policies and their common message will be “the ban is not lifted so we can’t talk about what we shall do”.

Let the ban be lifted yet, they wouldn’t have any material policies that’ll affect students positively.

I believe some hopefuls can do something. They can impact lives and really bring hope. But how many can and will advance our cause?

Over the years, we have seen many hopeful raised up with energy and vibrancy, with the message of change and making life easier for every UDS students.

Yet a little while, when they are voted into power, they do nothing.

Are we supposed to learn from our mistakes or make those same mistakes?

Ghana started off in the year 1960 as a republic nation and now, you and I can testify that we could have done better than this.

src president hopeful

You know what happen along the line. Don’t you? The costly mistakes we’re paying for dearly, the corruption and the selfishness of some of our leaders is what have brought us where we are now.

However, we being intelligent students, a new breed of Africans, haven’t learn of those mistakes, when are given power, do same and repeat those mistakes over and over again.

Looking at these, I think I am right to agree with the Author, Chika Onyeani who said in his book titled Capitalist Niger “where is lies the intelligence of our people”.

The US president Donald Trump said something that I like so much which I have paraphrased: “instead of Africans to think of Agriculture when it rains, they rather think about sex”.

Literally, this is an insult. But rational deep thinking and sober reflection gives great insights.

Instead of our own elected students representatives to think about us when we give them the power to go there, they think about themselves!

Our leaders have done their best

I am not saying our leaders both now and the previous have not done anything that have impacted the lives of students.

Many are the honourable things they have done. At the SRC forum last Saturday, open my eyes to the struggle and pains these guys go through as they try to advance our course.

They are students as you and I. Weak and fragile as any human being. Nevertheless, they have been able to push beyond the boundaries with the devil may care attitude.

Pushing harder, vigorously and holding on tenaciously. Honestly, they have done well but they can still do better.

Gone are the days when the sky used to be the limit. But as of now, the sky is the not the limit any longer. People like Elon Musk and those guys at NASA are sending human to dwell on Mars.

Something which is and was impossible to do. Meaning, more can be done.

My issue with the Hopefuls

I really like the zeal of any student here aspiring for a leadership position. Not everyone can really stand to do this. This means you guys are special and gifted.

src secretary hopeful

Even, it’s expensive to be a hopeful. Come to think of the cost of printing banners, stickers, posters, etc. The time used in campaigning, the missing of lectures, think about them…..

It is not easy. So well done.

But just because it is expensive, doesn’t permit you to go up there and mess up. Many hopefuls get there and they begin to mess up. Squander funds and waste collective resources that were meant for student’s well-being.

  • If you know you can affect the lives of students positively, please just drop out now.
  • If you know you have some selfish ambition to amass wealth, you are aimless with empty polices or promises which are not realistic, please just tap cool.

I can’t understand how SRC can owe millions of cedis that student have to service that gargantuan debt every year?

Is this not the same debt Ghana as a nation and many African nations have accumulated over the decades?

The question therefore become: where lies our intelligence? What lessons have we learnt from the great mistakes made by many African leaders that we are paying for now?

src treasurer hopeful

Are you simply going to follow the same trends?  Should you also just act like these selfish and corrupt leaders who left us no legacy but pain, suffering and lack of dignity?

Do we have to act like blacks because we are blacks?

I am persuaded that we can do better! I believe we can change our attitudes. I am sure we can leave a better legacy.

I know we are a new breed of African, meaning, we carry new ideas and fresh insights that can override the wrongs.

Policies overrated!

Many hopefuls have ambiguous, unrealistic, policies. In order to win votes, they come up solutions to problems students’ face which deludes student into voting for them.

But in the ends fails to solve them because those proposed solutions greatly beyond their realm of authority.

Please hopefuls, don’t deceives us. Don’t tell us things you are convinced you can’t do.

Be honest with us. Concentrate on small policies you can achieve with greater effects.

Remember the law of specialisation. Hopefuls please specialised.

Don’t tell us you can rain manna from heaven. No, don’t promise us of a rainy season when it is harmattan.

Don’t catch fishes for us but teach us to fishes.

Until the hopefuls make promises they can do, we can’t trust them. And for that matter, they can’t save us.

Do you think these hopefuls can save us? Can they really do what they claim will do? Should we give them our full support? What do you think?

James Kiliffin
James Kiliffin is a Content Writer | Digital Marketer | Social Media Manager and an Entrepreneur. He loves writing and spends most his time advising clients and developing marketing strategies. He mostly writes on topics such social media marketing, entrepreneurship, startup, news, blockchain and more.

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