Devil May Care Attitude:What Does it Mean & Why You Must Develop It

Devil may care attitude

A new Generation with the Devil May Care Attitude

Well you may be thinking is it even possible for me to move beyond my current situation and way of life now? Can I even make it?

Can I achieve my dreams and become successful? There may be a countless questions arising within you as to whether you can really be that great.

For your information, it is my pleasure to inform you that yes, you can accomplish all your dreams and become the great person you have always wanted to be.

But there is a condition……

You must pay the price

There is no free launch right? Absolutely, nothing worth comes with a free price tag. If you endure you will eat the fruit of the land. There are certain prices you must to win big.

Let me tell you a story

One a day, a 12 year old kid asked a very wealthy and successful man‘’ what is the key to becoming successful like you’’ he smiles and answer with love in a small still voice as he whispers into the boy’s ears ‘’ the key to success is to find what you want to have, determine the price, and throw you life paying that price”

You are a New Generation

We are new Africans with greater opportunities that our predecessors. We are new intelligent bread of Africans with extraordinary mental prowess.

devil may care attitude

Our time today is far better for grow and wealth accumulation than our father. We are not sold into slavery. We have freedom.

One outstanding thing about our generation is the advanced technology that has have made the impossible for possible.

With the breakthrough in technology and her companion the Internet everything, I mean everything you can think and envision is possible to accomplish.

There has never been a generation so lucky, better, filled with goodies and perfect growth chances than what we have today. It takes ordinary people like you to make the most out of these unlimited potentials

The question therefore is: why will a generation with so much opportunities for wealth accumulation and greater a potential for independent stills lags behind?

  • Others say there is something wrong with the African brain genetically.
  • Some say it is because of where we are meaning that the location of Africa is not advantageous.
  • Other say it is because of how we have been treated by the white men through colonization.

But the above all fallacy. They are wrong ideologies deceiving us not to go the extra mile. You are poor and weak because you lack the devil may care attitude.

If really want re-education, you should read this post:These 7 Habits will make you a Millionaire This 2017.

We are who we are now because of our attitudes, beliefs and what we do. You have not seen any significant change in your life because of the compound effect your choices.

The Devil may care attitude

You may be wondering what a hell is this guy talking about? What is devil may care attitude? To be able to conquer any barrier and become the best, you must develop the devil may care attitude.

This is when you decide in your heart that the dream or the plan you have in your mind, you will achieve it all cost.

It is when you decide that no matter what it takes, you will accomplish you goal. Even if it will take your life! That is what I am talking.

Most African youth lack this attitude. In fact it is the only key you need to succeed in life. When you decide to do something at all cost and really do that, only Gods knows how far you can go.

If you can say to yourself that, once I have decided to be rich, to start a business, to learn a new skill, or do something valuable, nothing not even my parent can stop me.

In this mind-set can you then you pull to yourself the forces of the universe which are neutral to work at your advantage.

The forces of nature has no favourite

The forces of nature has no favourite. The universe is ruled by principles and laws, once you are acting within the laws, you are safe to win big.

It is about time you rise up and say yes to your dreams. It is about you say to yourself enough is enough.

It is about time you say that from now on, I will do whatever it takes to have my dreams and goals achieved.

This is the attitude of a new generation. That is your attitude. This behaviour is inside of you. Only you can to bring it out. It is in your DNA!

How attitudes are developed

Developing attitude is like growing to as a baby, you start to crawl, your walk fall and you get up, and soon you begin to leap, then you are able to run.

You must start with a simple goal to do something every day. May be just 10, 30 minutes, one hour a day like that then you are growing bigger and bigger.

Purpose today in your heart that you will become rich no matter what your environment says, no matter people will say and no matter what you have now.

Real life Examples of Devil May care attitude

The truth is that most successful people started off with absolutely nothing. And have worked their way to the top. What kept them going was the devil may care attitude.

We see the land of the Caucasians like the US, Germany, London among others and we love to go there.

Well, for your information, it was achieved with the devil may care attitude.

There only reason why they were able to achieve that much is because they have the devil may care attitude which we Africans lack.

When a white man decide to do something whether silly or good, trust me nothing under this earth can stop him.

When in the earlier the Russians began space exploration, the formal Us President Kennedy boldly proclaim that America too much go to the moon. They decided to go to the moon too at all cost.

devil may care attitude

And they did it by the end of the decade! Even now, Elon Musk and his team want to establish a colony on Mar-making it permanently the second home for mankind. Think about it? This the power of devil may care attitude

A white man don’t mind risking his life, family, friends, money fame, to achieve something he has purpose in his heart. If you can develop this attitude, trust me, you will be unlimited.

I want a new generation of people like you and I to develop this attitude. I need students on this campus to fix in their heart to pay all the cost and be successful.

I want you to develop the devil may care attitude. Say to yourself everyday “I choose to pursue my goal no matter what it takes.”

I choose to learn how build those apps, build those websites, start those business. Declare that “I will learn and add value to my life everyday”

Say I can make Africa a better place.

Honestly, I know you have some tips and insights. I want to know what you think. Just drop them in the comment below.

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