The Encounter:The UDS Wa ICGC Encounter Programme Goes Live Today

the encounter

Everything you should know about the Encounter program tomorrow!

Kampus Trends as we have promised to bring the best and the best events happening live around the campus of UDS Wa, today, we are live with the Brainbox, I mean the Einsteins behind the long awaited programme: The Encounter.

On the Talk show, was our own Kampus Trends Number host, Seth Duodu and the Guests were Minister Eddy and her leadership Lady Silvia, the President and the Vice President of ICGC UDS Wa Campus Ministry, respectively.

This exactly what transpired in our interview with them!

Seth. “Welcome to Kampus Trends talk show”.

Guests: “Thank you”.

Seth: “Well, before we go into the Real Encounter, please tell us something about yourselves, ladies first”.

Guests: “Hahaha”. They all laughed

Silvia: “Thank you. I am Silvia, the Vice President of ICGC UDS Wa campus ministry”.

Seth: “Wow, that’s so nice, a lady in a full time ministry. Sweetie God bless you”.

Eddy: “I am also Eddie the President”.

Seth: “So we have both the President and his Vice here with us. I think this is a blessing”.

Eddy: “Sure it”.

Seth: “Ok before I go deep, please tell what about the ‘Encounter’ ”?

Eddy: “The Encounter entails a lot. Is all in one package. Basically, it is a worship encounter. You know, in this life, everyone needs an encounter. The encounter is built around the idea of meeting someone”.


Seth: “Minister Silvia, do you have something to say about the Encounter”?

Silvia: “Yah, as My President have rightly said, it is just basically meeting someone. So the Encounter programme creates that enabling spirit filled environment for you to meet God. Because no one has ever had an Encounter with God and have been the same. Never!

When Moses meet God as a shepherd man, his life changed. So basically, we are inviting everyone to come and have an encounter with Jesus through powerful worship”.

Seth: “This Encounter programme, Oh My God! Only God know. It’s just going to be awesome. Something that the human mind cannot conceived. For myself I am going to be there. So I want to see you too.

Ok, but what’s the theme for this programme”?

Eddy: “The theme for the Encounter programme is taken from the book of Genesis 32:30 which talks about the encounter of Jacob with the Angel of the Lord. The Theme is: “For I have Seen God Face to Face”

Seth: “The theme even says it all! But do we have any special guest artist”?

Silvia: “Yes we do, as we said earlier on, it is an all in one package. We have the ministration a very powerful man of God, Eugene Zuta”.

Eddy: “We also have in the building the ministration of:

  • Minister Obed
  • Minister Adwoa Fosuawaa
  • Minister Owusu Bempah
  • Minister Louis
  • Minister Kobby
  • Minister Candy
  • Minister Joachim
  • One Voice
  • Chorography team from ICGC Wa Campus by name Epistle”

Seth: “Then, this is really an Encounter!

So are there any arrangement for buses, securities and other important matters”

Eddy: “Yes! We have buses running from town to Bamahu, to campus, to Kamfabaila. And these buses will pick you back when we close. So, no need to worry about transportation all. Security and your safety too is assured”!

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Seth: “Woman of God, Lady Silvia, tell us what time are we having this Encounter”?

Silvia: “Well, the Encounter start this Sunday at exactly 6pm sharp and the venue is Lecture Hall 1”.

Seth: “Man of God, before we wrap up the talk show, in a few words, what do you want to say about the Encounter to the whole student body of UDS Wa Campus”?

Eddy: “Ok, The Encounter is a onetime experience that will leave a permanent positive live changing mark on your life wherever you go. It is something that nothing should prevent you from attending.

For it is free because Jesus has paid it all. So nothing, I mean nothing should prevent anyone from coming. Come and be bless. Come and have that Encounter with God like the way Jacob did. And trust me, you will never be the same!”

Seth: “Trust me, your life will never be the same”

Hello, UDS Wa Campus, it has been Kampus Trends and we are live toady with the orchestrates of the Encounter Programme happening live today at Lecture Hall 1 at exactly 6pm sharp. This is something you shouldn’t miss!

As for this program you should never exempt yourself. Catch up with you another time bye.

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