Habits of Millionaires: 7 Secrets of Self Made Millionaires Revealed

habits of millionaires

If your dream is to become a millionaire, then you goal should be to master habits of millionaires. Because these group of people behave and act differently from the ordinary. Their thought processes and their actions are entirely unique. Please Flow with me as I drop their special ways of life one by one.

Every journey begun somewhere, so are self-made millionaires. They started off in life with nothing, many were homeless, rejected and dejected and worked their way to the top.

If they did it, so can you. To be able amass wealth, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel because it has been made already. All must do is just to use it and customize to fit your needs.

Self-made millionaires went through hardship, they tried methods and have discovered those that worked and those that didn’t. This what I call: habits of millionaires. You must therefore learn from their experience doing only what is proved to work.

I share with you habits of millionaires. In other words, the methods that worked for them and when you do same over and over again, you will end up becoming a millionaire too.

The good thing about habits is that you can drop old, bad unsuccessful habits and pick up rich, life changing habits. You learn by doing right? And practice makes you perfect isn’t it?  So let’s do this.

But wait:

What is a self made millionaire?

Well, you hear this phrase each and everyday. But what do you think it means? Thinking of something? Yes exactly what you thought.

Self made millionaires are ordinary individual who dare to dream and worked on it hard enough and have accomplish greats things with little or no external support.

Meaning these class of people made their future by themselves. their own sweet, money time and energy. typically, it is someone who have become rich or successful by himself or herself.

This doesn’t mean there was no external hands, but the larger efforts came from a single individual. Usually self made millionaires have miserable beginnings. they are normally broke, poor, uneducated, lack respect, etc and just one, they decide and boom, they hit.

You can learn these habits of millionaires too and can also become one no matter how.

Habits of Millionaires who are self Made

read wide books

  1. Read widely and consistently

If there is anything on this earth that you could easily use to identify people who will be successful from those who will not, it is their desire for books. Self-made millionaires I as said earlier on, most were poor, so the question is: how did they become famous and so rich?

Well the answer is quite simple, they are readers. Averagely, about 80 of success people read books usually biographies of other successful people, self-development or self-help and history.

In this 21st century, information is the key resources you must have if you need to succeed. And reading is the only way to acquire knowledge and information. If you can make reading your habit this year, you will be building for yourself wealth and knowledge.

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  1. Associate with great minds

You remember the popular adage “show me your friends and I will show your character” right? The people you will associate with have to a large extend an influence in your life.

Humans are adaptive. Meaning you will automatically learn to behave and act like what your immediate group of friends does. To really position yourself for the millionaire journey, you must associate with successful people.

They are people who are goal oriented, imaginative and creative. Find and connect with business minded individuals, connect with students who dream to change the world, to impact generation and to create something great.

Such people exist all around you, develop the habit associating with them. By doing this, you’re invariably amassing a team of liked minded millionaires. Habits of millionaires can be learned and you learn them better by associating with people who already possess those habits.


Wake up early.

If there are any habits of millionaires to develop this year, it should be the attitude of waking up early. From all ages, all big time millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires and great men of valor.

Ranging from the tech titans like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Evens Spiegel, etc.to the investment gurus like Elon Musk,  have all made the habit of waking up earlier as their core value around which their life revolves.

There is some magic things that happen when you begin to wake up early.

  • You are able to stay organized
  • You are able to plan and think
  • You are able to work out and exercise
  • You can use that time read, and acquire new skills.
  1. Find and connect with mentors

I always believe in flying with those who want to fly higher. And in life we have a various destinations. The goal of almost everyone is to be happy, have money and enjoy life to the fully.

The truth is that whatever thing you want to do in life is has also been done by someone else. The key here is find and connect with those people.

Whenever you talk about mentorship people become like I don’t know anybody who can mentor me. No, yes you do. Your lecturers, teachers and even some friends can be your mentor.

Most millionaires attribute their success to a mentor they meet. Use the internet to connect with people you admire and would want to learn from.

Follow them on social media, read their blogs and seek their knowledge.


  1. Be positive

Life is too short to be sitting around wallowing in negativity. There are times when things won’t worked the way you wanted it. They will be difficulties but only a positive mind can keep you going.

In order to live best of you this year, you must decide to shake off all negativity. Just forget about what went wrong yesterday, who didn’t treat you right, that and so on.

Use your energies on positive life empowering things.

  1. Use the power of your imagination or dedicated time for thinking

The human brain is so amazing. Recent neuro research into the human brain is ground breaking. It shows that they human brain is faster that the latest computer.

But the question is what percentage of that brain power are you using?

Find time every day to think. Stop waking up every day like everyone else. You have untapped brain power to release. The world must see your ideas manifested.

The people who become millionaires and enjoy the life, live happy and die peacefully are those who tap into the creative power of the human brain.

You are too nice to waste your time doing nothing. Use your time wisely. Find time in silence to imagine and come up with ideas. Think solutions to our everyday problem.

set goals

7 Set and pursue your own goals.

Have you ever seen a traveler travelling without traveler’s map? Can you think of any pilot piloting without a desire destination?

If these scenarios are true then, so it is also that you can’t accomplish anything in life without a clear cut goals.

You need to think about what is important to you right now. What do you want in your life? What do you want to become in the next five, then years to come?

Once you find that thing, result to do it immediately. Set a course of action. A Step by step procedure on how to accomplish that. Give yourself a deadline and work on it this you make it happened

Every great person ever interviewed set goals and throw their whole life accomplishing that particular goals.

Final thoughts

This year 2017 is a great year for anybody to increase in wealth, knowledge, power and fame. This is only reserved for the individuals who can develop killer million dollar habits-habits of millionaires

What I want you take home is that you can create your own future, so resolve today to do so by developing rich habits outlined above.

Others may think otherwise. I therefore invite your opinion. What do you think can make you a millionaire this year?


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