How To Get Your Confidence Back: 13 Super Fast Ways To Regain Your Confidence

how to get your confidence back

If you were looking for some authentic information on how to get your confidence back, then I trust you are at the right source.

Confidence is an integral part of your life. It is a must have thing.

Losing your self-confidence is like a hell on earth. It is like being thrown into a burning coal.

The question therefore becomes: How to get your confidence back?

Getting your confidence back is not hard as many believed it to be. But it may be difficult if only you haven’t had a working method.

In this article, I will make known a proven ways to regain your confidence in less than 5 minutes.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you would have discovered all that it takes to gain the level of self-confidence you always wish for.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Exactly what it means to lose your confidence.
  • Ways people sometimes lose their confidence
  • Incredible ways to get your confidence back instantly
  • Best ways to maintain your just gained confidence.

People with low self-confidence are miles always from having their dreams and goals becoming a reality.

So fighting all the good fight and gathering all the tips on how to get your confidence back to a level you desire is a course worth pursuing.

I am going to show in this post all the tips and tricks that will put at on the right track in discovering ways to build and maintain a high level of confidence.

lost confidence

What does it means to lose your confidence?

Confidence in life is everything. Said a great philosopher.

Therefore, losing it is very disastrous.

When you lose your confidence, you don’t have the motivation spirit to anything worth.

You simply hang around wasting precious time and money. It becomes clear that you are the enemy here. It is isn’t that you aren’t clear about your goals, you are pretty very much aware of them but you don’t just feel like working on them.

I know exactly how it feels when you just discovered that your source of power and the strength to keep you going in this rough life have just disappeared.

May be you decided to ask someone out for a date. Or you have a special presentation to make. Even the extreme, it might be a job interview that you have to attend.

But unfortunately, you waked up this morning only to realised that you are totally drained off of all your enthusiasm, beliefs, hopes and your competencies.

You feel and sense defeated. It is very normal to lose your confidence. It happens to everybody rich or poor, weak or strong, intelligent or dump.

Chances may be that, the reasons why your feel defeated may have nothing to with weakness or laziness or any their attributes you may ascribed to yourself.

But one things that separate confident people from the rest is what they do in those stressful moments.

Things suddenly become impossible and unattainable. Everything and everyone seems to be working against you.

You may be well blocked now because maybe, you don’t believe you’re capable of executing your plans. Or even the crazy side, could be that you don’t believe to be happier than you’re at the moment. Your confidence is shaking with fear.

You begin to question your integrity and you wonder whether life is worth living.

When things like these begin to happen, you should understand that you confidence is at stake.

The reason why life becomes like huge rock that has been hanged permanently around your neck and why many people have their dreams and plans shattered is the fact that one way or the other they lost their confidence along the line and have not being able to regain it.

Frankly speaking, your self-confidence is your life saving boat. You have to do all that it takes to boost and maintain it.

This exactly what it means to lose your confidence in life.

But wait a minute, I have a good news for you. A head, I give you instant ideas on how to get your confidence back supper fast.


Ways people lose their confidence in life.

It may interest you to know that people consciously or unconsciously trade of their most powerful successful tool for something else.

Here, we take a lot at how you sometimes lose your confidence:

  • Self-doubt

Humans are complex organisms consisting of sophisticated life experiences and memories that shape our beliefs. These beliefs can be empowering or stumbling blocks.

Self-doubt is a distrust in your own capacity to do something great. This however is a catalyst to fear and inaction.

But if you care to know, history is filled with men and women who have overcome the odds and have conquered their doubts and have the long way to overcome immovable obstacles and have their goals reached.

  • Slit disappointment in life

Life is full of ups and downs. It is like the waves of the oceans and a little fish. You have no absolute control over where you are being carried to by the mighty waves.

A little disappointment in life can be like a sharp syringe that will prick your confidence levels. A broken relationship, lost jobs, a nagging wife, stubborn kids, a bullying boss, bullying schools mates, etc can all suck your energy and stripe you off your happiness.

  • Negativity.

Confidence can be compared to a little tree you plant in your garden. For the tree grow and blossom to the fullest, conditions necessary for germination like sunlight, water and air must be supplied. In the absence of this, the tree is very much likely to die.

Negativity is like the harsh sun rays, poisonous water and the wrong type of air that you may supply to your tree.

Many people dwell on the mistakes of their past and filled their thinking with thoughts that paralyzed them. Sooner or later, they get to the cross road and they are stuck forever.

  • Limiting beliefs and thoughts

By the law of consistency, whatever you do more often becomes a habit. Your constant state of mind and thinking affect who and what you become in life _the things you’ll have and those you’ll lack.

Limiting beliefs entangles you by placing a limit to what you can do. Your scope and perspective in life become shortsighted.

I have written a comprehensive guide on how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and build confidence. If your thoughts has always been centered around the I can’t, I don’t measure up to, I am unattractive, I am shy, no one will like me, etc then it means your motivation is shaken.

  • Being afraid of failure.

The sudden burst of panic and the movement of little butterflies n your stomach is a result of fear. We are all afraid of something. But to the extreme, it is a hindrance.

The fear of failure, fear of embarrassment and fear of rejection keep people from becoming their best self.

regain your confidence

 How to get your confidence back in less than 5 Minutes.

Having understood what it means to lose your confidence and the many ways you sometimes lose it, it is worth of us nailing down ways to regain it.

  • Ask yourself: What is wrong with me?

All hope are gone! You don’t just feel like pursuing your goals anymore. Your motivation is being choked to death.

In order to get by on track, you must pause and reflect. Certain questions has to asked to enable you gain insight into the reality.

Asking yourself what is wrong is very helpful because it takes you deep into you making you realise what is actually at stake.

It might be that you confidence has not just vanished, but it could be something else.

In order to make the most from this, you can write down your thoughts as you ponder the question.

You may even be surprised that you don’t have a big problem, in such situation, a little kick up may be useful in leveling up your zeal.

  • Talk to a friend.

We all need motivation, trust and support. In serious situation as losing your confidence, you stands the chance of being empty of all hopes and self beliefs.


Discussion your challenges and setbacks with a trust friend can the best healing therapy.

Friends encourages us when we are down. They empower us to get back on our feet. A friend could suggest materials and resources you can benefit from. Or even a simple joke could spark a light in you.

  • Let go of the idea of perfection.

Many people don’t realised that trying to attain perfection is the cause stress and depression in life.

The truth is:

You can can’t have a perfect family, relationship, job, children, friends, body, life and so on.

Nobody is perfect. Being too hard on yourself to achieve what is at impossible for every man doesn’t make you a superhero, rather it suck your confidence and leaves you venerable, weak and depressed. Instead beating yourself up, you could focus instead on results. Just do you best.

  • Say the magic words: I can

Fear is inevitable yet can only exist if you give it chance.

You may be very well prepared to give the presentation, make that sale call or even take your chances to ask someone out.

But suddenly as unexpected, you feel little butterflies in your stomach. You begin to doubt your capabilities. Your insecurities stick their nasty head out and you whether you should pocket your hand, carry it on your head or better break down and cry.

You have the power to overcome this nasty and crazy feelings right away. Simply tell yourself, the magic word I can.

Repeatedly tell yourself you can do it and enforce it rigorously. When you don’t feel like working on your goals, say the magic words, I can achieve my goals. I can work on it day in and day out. Yes I can!

And sooner than you think, you will be rocking. Your confidence is back.

  • Try harder to stay positive

Negativity is what usually kills Self-Confidence. Therefore, counter reacting it with positive and more empowering thoughts fetches you all the marks.

When you zoom into negative thinking as a result of one or two setbacks, you corrupt positive feelings about yourself and your abilities, paving way for self-doubt.

And when self-doubt finally takes over your thinking, you instantly become lose, light and lack of self-control. You can no longer continue to do things that keeps you motivated.

It is very difficult to think and stay positive at the point when your confidence is hit. But trying harder to do so pays off greatly.

You can at least start with a single positive thought. May be your intelligent, your are exceptional student, may be your friends loves you for your sense of humor and so.

Our thoughts are organised into memories which are stored deep down your subconscious. They are interlinked and connected. One leads to the other.

So when you dwell one positive thoughts you’ll invariably zooms into others empowering thoughts. And when this happens, you become unstoppable.

  • What are your fears? Face them.

Identify your fears and face them. Fear prevent us from achieving our dreams, fear make us sell ourselves short and fear is a demon that hunts down our confidence and esteem in life.

Recently, I discovered that my greatest fear was growth. I was afraid of growing into an adult and taking responsibility for my life.

face your fears

It worried and hunted me severely. So when sat down took a stock of mine life and asked the powerful question; what is really wrong with me?

I noticed the answer and now I know that growth is inevitable. So I live everyday to the fullest taking responsibility for my own actions and inactions.

You can equally identify your fears and nail them down forever.

  • Find a way to do something you are great at.

There can be a point in your life where by you may feel like no one appreciates what or whom you are. You may feel like your skills and knowledge are worth nothing.

The great news is that you are great at something. Find out what it is and do it. Not everyone will appreciate what you do but some definitely will.

Volunteer, help other people where your skills is needed. Not only will be appreciated and loved, you stand the equal chance of boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Act as if.

Fake it till you make it is everywhere and you are aware of that right?

My confidence is shaken, how does acting as if I am confident help me regain it?

This might be your state of mind now. But there no harm in trying so let’s give it a try.

Confidence is something you have within you, but sometimes it runs of the lane and leaves you. Acting as if is a temporal antidote to trick your mind into natural state where you can more confident.

If you act as if something is real for a long time, you will forget pretty soon that you were pretending and that thing will become a habit.

The mind influence the body, and the body also influence the mind. And so by pretending to have confidence by reliving confidence experience in your mind, your body will adopt the same physiology.

If you choose to adopt confidence physiology, your mind will adjust what you feel, hear and see to confidence experience.

Dress up, talk and walk like confident people, do everything like they do, and pretty soon your lost confidence will find it way home.

  • Mingle with people who will encourage you.

There is a popular African proverb that says:

Show me your friend and I will tell you your character.

The people you mingle with have the power to tear down your zeal or mould it up.

If you current social circle isn’t supportive, if your family is like a hell or even if your workplace tends to pull you down.

You have steal a chance to be around people or groups where you’re accepted well and recognised. It will help you recharge and enable you stand firm. Yourself esteem to will be improved.

  • Get back to your comfort zone.

Many experts emphasis that you need come out of your comfort zone in order to build your confidence. Which is very true.

But here is the case, your motivation is shaken. The only one can feel safe and secure is to go to the place you feel safe and secured —your comfort zone.

Whatever there is that makes your feel comfortable and poised, it could be music, food, a place and more, get into it. Note that you are not there to hide from your fears or dwell on your problems.

But you’re just there to recharge, to gain energy and to determine the next cause of action. Take a staycation in your comfort zone to regain your composure.

  • Set and work on smaller goals.

Little accomplishments can help revive your enthusiasm. Break long term goals into smaller and achievable units. Such you can have them done at once.

The sense of satisfaction that follows setting goals and accomplishing them is immeasurable.

  • Read, listen or watch motivational programmes.

May never know when the little spot of action may be sparked. Motivational books, audio and video programmes can help you gain your energy back.

Confidence levels

How to maintain your confidence and never lose it again.

There is one thing to build your confidence and another thing to maintain it. Confidence gaining is life long process, it never stops. You have below here tips to help keep your motivation lifted up higher every day.

  • Value what you excel at doing.

Self-appreciation is a positive habits you learn to cultivate. Usually it is very easy to undermine your own uniqueness and talents.

If you don’t value the little changes you make here and there, you will forever beat yourself up. Research shows that if you hold high esteem what you’re good at, you are more likely to keep your confidence growing.

  • Cultivate the habit of thinking positively.

The human mind is much like an empty vessel. It does not remain vacuum a very long time.

And so, if you don’t consciously and deliberately filled it with positive and life changing thoughts, it will attract fears, insecurities, lack and worries which are very detrimental to your confidence.

A current study shows that about 95% of your emotions are tied to the words running through your mind at a given time. So if your thoughts at any time are constrictive and empowering, you can expect yourself to be happy and zealous.

  • Do things you love.

We all have passion and interests. Don’t we? Doing and concentrating on your passion releases some energy in you that keeps you charged up all day.

To make sure your confidence doesn’t vanish out all of a sudden, then you have identify and do what motivated you.

Well, with all being said, I have discuss how to get your confidence back if you’ve lost it. I have given you tips to maintain your confidence too.

But I will like to hear from you. How did you regain your confidence? Do you want share some tips on how to get your confidence back? Just hit the comment section and leaves yours.

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