I will Not Be Corrupt,Unproductive & Tribal SRC President, Seth Duodu Bashed Out.

Seth Duodu for SRC


Today at the press release interview with Seth Duodu, the aspiring SRC president and the founder of Innovators Club, a renewed Innovation movement on this campus, have eventually, enjoined boldly that if he be voted into power, he promised to be a Nana Akuffo-Addo kind of president.

A leadership that will combat away the corrupt, unproductive and tribal governance we have seen in the decades as far as SRC is concerned.

He further explain as follows:

“Today, I offer myself to you the student electorate as an SRC President hopeful, with your support , I believe we can create a change we never can anticipate or even dream of.

Having been on the grounds for some time now. It has afforded me the opportunity to serve in different capacities to further the student agenda.

I have always had a passion, a strong desire to serve. Not just any kind of service, but a service that is devoid of selfishness. I have always offered myself as an agent of Change.

He advances his statements vehemently in this manner with the emphasis on the significance of being a student of UDS.

“It’s good to be in UDS, I don’t see what can make me think I was ever in a wrong place at this particular time?

UDS has offered me the opportunity of a life time to be able to serve my colleagues. The opportunity to be a change agent, of which I am forever grateful.

Over time, I have felt that we have not used the power the SRC has to do a lot of things. Remember, there is so much power in our collective abilities.

This is why my team and I would be humble but effective in presenting our agenda for Development.

At the concluding of his message, Mr. Seth Duodu announces to the student populace to watch for him and his team. Because they are coming like wild fire in this dry season.

“In the coming weeks, we will outline all our visions in a weekly bulletin to afford every student the chance to be involved. Kindly send us what you want an SRC led by Seth should do for you.”

Honestly we all want a leadership that is transparent, accountable, free from corruption and mismanagement of fund and resources.

Does campaign promises hold water. Are these campus politicians different from the national ones? Can they be peculiar? What’s is your thoughts or opinion on this?

Let’s get interactive!


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