Minister Eugene Zuta Storm UDS Wa Campus!

eugene zuta

Minister Eugene Zuta through The Encounter programme, have caused a massive shake up both in the spiritul and the physical realms on UDS Wa Campus.

The celebrated Gospel Artist Eugene Zuta, at The Encounter programme yesterday outperformed beyond expectations. He simply nailed it.

The spirit filled, Holy Ghost breathed live worship with Minister Eugene at UDS Wa campus Hall 1 brought together almost every student of UDS Wa campus including the natives.

Honestly, it was a real life encounter. It was a moment to be remembered forever.

minister Eugene zuta

The Power of God Moved mightily.

The outpour of the Spirit of God through the worship couldn’t be contained, compressed or controlled as the Man of God ministers.

The atmosphere was so stirred up that the oppressed were set free, salvation came to many, evil spirits flee and a lot of people were healed of their infirmities.

The encounter programme that was made possible by the ICGC UDS Wa Campus Ministry, is something that every UDS student will remember.

When the Minister Eugene Zuta mounted the stage, everywhere was lighted up! And the spirit of God filled the whole Hall.

The outpouring of the spirit through the ministration of the Man of God was so potent that you could feel it physically. You could vividly sense the spirit of the Lord being active, actuating and affecting lives.

gospel artist eugene zuta

Minister Eugene inspire UDS Students with a personal life story

The man of God wouldn’t have had peace within if he didn’t inspire students to live a life worthy of the gospel.

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To make the point clear, he relates the advice to his life way back to the campus of UCC when he was a student.

He said, “The subject, I feared most was Thermo Dynamics, because it’s only this subject that it is  said that even professors failed to pass! If professors have failed, how much more me?

I feared this because, as of that time, my zeal for the Lord has over empower my passion for academics. For I could be in a recording studio in Takoradi while lectures are going on back on campus.

When it was time for the exams, I knew I will failed because I haven’t learnt anything and for that matter ,I can’t write anything meaningful.

gospel artist eugene zuta

During the paper, trust me, I wrote nothing! So when the results came and my friends went to see theirs. I knew I had failed so I didn’t go.

But, in those times, I prayed to God, I said, “I love your work more than my studies so Lord, show me your glory”.

The bottom line is that, almost every student in my class failed, about 300 of us. This called for an investigation.

Finally, the grades were re-adjusted and I secured myself a “D”.

That “D” is the only “D” I ever scored at the University. Though, I have had countless A’s but that “D”, is the only one I am grateful for. It is the one, I really thank God for”.

“Don’t lose heart, keep believing and trusting in God. And don’t worry, God will handle the rest” he said.

minister eugine zuta

God’s presence was far greater than anticipated!

As for the move of God, it was something that we cannot express in words.

Earlier before The Encounter programme, Kampus Trends, we had reached out to the orchestrators of the programme, the President, Minister Eddy and his Vice, Lady Silvia.

Though, they said it was going to be powerful and the fullness of the Glory of the Living Lord will manifest, yet, I think they had a fraction, a fair idea of the overall impact!


For what I saw and did experience, by far is beyond what was said.

The Encounter programme with Minister Eugene Zuta was really an Encounter, and many lives has been transformed, converted, and have been empowered to live for Christ.

We say, God bless you great Minister Eugene Zuta and we hope to see you here in UDS Wa campus again as you come to empower, impact and quicken us in the flow of the spirit of the Living God.

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