Mohammed Jarah: I didn’t Insult Level 400s During My Campaigns Last Year



There has been a lot of concern about Jarah insulting the then level 300 students now in 400 last year during his campaign movements.

We too, we got curious. We wondered whether he really will insulted his senior most gents and ladies. And will still have the gut to stand here today to be elected for as the SRC president UDS Wa campus.

So over the week, Kampus Trends, we reached to him live so we could hear his side of the story. But before we do, let’s look at:

Some things About Mohammed Jarah that you probably don’t know.

Mohammed L.A Jarah is a level 300 student of UDS from the Faculty of Integrated Studies specialising in Political Science.

He was the only student in level 200 to have become first in UDS election vetting since the commencement of UDS Wa campus.

He is a dedicated hard working gentlemen with passion for service.

That’s is enough about Jarah. Let’s get to the main issue.

Interview Summary

Seth: “How were you able to convince salient aspirants like Joe Gama, Joseph Mensah and others to join your team to compete against Nicholas during last year’s election? Were you going to give them positions when you win or you bribed them?

Jarah: “Thank you so much for this opportunity once again. I think I will use this medium to make certain clarification about the merger I went into with my other senior most aspirants last year.

Well, I never promised them position nor did I bribed any of them. I was making the case that why don’t you have confidence in someone who is in level 300 now and who can be in a better position to ensure greater accountability and transparency in his administration to help develop the school. I played this clean and civil.

Again, I have an appealing personality. God has given me that appealing personality to persuade genuinely. I am not boasting”

Seth: “So tell us, did you really speak against the level 400 students?”

Jarah: “I didn’t. And I am quoting verbatim. “ I said that if you are in 400 at this time and your still putting yourself out there to be elected, then you don’t have the  interest of the students at heart because, all that an SRC president is supposed to do, the acting executive have already done that.”

Seth: “Well, I have seen you message going round with Exodus 14:14, what is that supposed to tell us”?

“I believe in unity and collectively. I myself, I have been to missions schools. I have been attending church back in those days. My choice of Exodus 14:14 is to clarify the rumours going round that Jarah will stop Christian from worship on campus when he wins.

So I was reading my Bible one time and I came across Exodus 14:14 “THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU AND YOU SHALL HOLD YOUR PEACE.” And that scripture caught my attention”. Said Jarah.

So does this mean you’re not doing religious politics? Seth asked him.

Jarah: “No. religious politics is wrong and I encourage other aspirants to stay away too.”


That above was a brief summary of our interview with Mohammed L. A Jarah on the issue of him insulting level 400 students last year in his campaigns. Well, you’ve heard it yourself. And I am sure you can judge.









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