How To Overcome Your Limitings Beliefs and Build Confidence Like a Pro

overcome limiting beliefs

It is possible you can overcome limiting beliefs!

I am going to be really honest with you:

You won’t be able to build your confidence unless you know the inside out of what constitute confident building. And until you’re able to overcome limiting beliefs, you’ll stuck forever. The fact is that I know you are yarning to seriously overcome this issue of lack of confidence, isn’t it?

You may might have even the extreme to undertaken confident improving courses. Probably you started blaming others for you lack of confidence. You might even belief that is you mother or father who failed to do or should have done this or that. And you mummer on and on

Taking responsibility

You may be right though to think that way, but becoming more confident is no responsibility of any other except but you. It is for this reason that I ask that; do you know that your lack of confidence is as a result of your limiting beliefs. Note the words: I said “your limiting beliefs” which should directly inform you that it is your own actions that is causing the problem.

So what do you do now?

That is really simple to answer!

Truly, it is for purpose that this article was written.  It is to show you how to deal with your limiting beliefs once and for all without being hard on yourself. It will give the perfect antidotes to release that unstoppable confidence deposit within you

What You’ll Learn

This is huge article. It is no bullshit but a highly informational write-up that will transform your life instantly. You going to discover everything there is to know about overcoming your lack of confidence by changing your limiting beliefs

  • Getting the grip of what lack of confidence means
  • Understanding what beliefs are and how there are formed
  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs
  • A simple guide to build your self-confidence like a pro.

Bingo. Ready, let’s go!:

lack of confidence

What exactly does it means to lack confidence?

You often hear people say everywhere on the street, at your workplace, at school, at home or even in the church, this phrase; I don’t have the confidence to do this or that. And so on and on. In truth, you may be wondering what they are talking about. Or probably you make such statements yourself. You may be wonder where limiting words such as:

I can’t, I’ll never, I won’t be able to, I’m not qualified and others come from

It has two parts:

The lack part

The word lack is a simple English word that you truly understand. The lack of something simply means to be in need of something very desirable. In other words to feel that you don’t have in your possession something worth. It could also mean that you have something desirable but it is inadequate. I am explaining here because I want you get the understanding so we can proceed.

The confident part

Your ability to trust your own skills and capabilities that you have within you the necessary resources to do whatever you desire is what we called confidence. Your belief about your competence in doing something is what makes you confident.

Do feel you are confident?

Some signs that your lack confidence

  • The funny feelings that you aren’t proficient doing your job
  • Believing that you can’t no matter how hard you try
  • Relying entirely on the views of other people like your boss ,friends ,to make major decisions
  • Having trouble admitting you are wrong and willingly learning from mistakes
  • Trying so hard to attain perfection
  • Taking other peoples words ( criticism) too personal

Lack of confidence is simply a belief you hold in your mind that portrays your actions, making you and others sense or feel that you don’t have the ability to complete a task. Again, it is the belief that you don’t have the necessary skills abilities to complete a given task even though you do.

The good news

The unarguable truth is that you have within you a warehouse of confidence, overflowing in abundance. And that you are most confident and competent. You are more qualified and able.

You aren’t seeing any significant sign just because of your limiting beliefs. You can shake off those boundaries that hinder your personal development by putting on positive and empowering thoughts today.

What  are beliefs  and where do they come from?

Throughout this article I have made mention of beliefs over and over again. As a result, is it is expedient you comprehend what beliefs are and their origins.

A belief is thought you hold in your mind. It is your day to day feelings, visualizations and your everyday thinking that becomes a belief. Taking belief in the light of life coaching, it is a feeling of conviction about something specifically yourself and your capabilities. Beliefs can be empowering. Others can be a great hindrance your personal breakthrough in life.

You choose your own thoughts

“Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effects”

Dale Carnegie

You are the owner of your mind and so you are responsible for what you think about. If you thinking is centred on the many reasons why things are impossible for you, it simply becomes something you belief to be true. You mind believes it to be true though it may be false. You thinking is however affected by what you experience in life and what you experience in life is a result of your thinking.

A strong positive belief about something is what pushes you take action. Negative beliefs only pulls you down and sucks your energy. Whatever your beliefs are, there is a corresponding reason why you hold that belief.

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For instance, if you belief you can’t be promoted in your current job, your reason may be that you have performed poorly in the previous years as your job performance was reviewed and the feedback you received from your boos was heart breaking

Moreover, if you say I am helpless at sports, it could be because you missed an essay goal or finished last in a race. The most relieving thing to hear is that all these convictions can be changed for a more life empowering ones.

where does beliefs come from?

Where does your beliefs comes from?

You are a person of organised thoughts and memory. Your everyday thought are organised into experiences, your experiences is what make up your memory. Your memory has a tremendous effects on your actions or behaviour. For example, if you have a memory about dying and suffocating to death in a swimming pool, you will develop a phobia in swimming.

  • From you childhood.

Most of the things you belief about yourself and your competences now can be traced way back into your childhood. As child you were surrounded by your parents, siblings and other loved ones, you studied and watched how they handled situations.

During those formative days you were convinced that your parents were supper heroes and have answers to any problem. Therefore, any problem they failed to solve invariable became something that hasn’t got a solution.

You are a creature of habits so learn more easily. If your parents were fond of complaining saying: they can’t, it is impossible, it will never work, etc. these saying invariable got their ways into your thinking.

For instance, you can recollect Dad shrugged saying, well honey every evidence shows that we can’t, even if we try the hardest, it is impossible. This is a negative statement so you pick it from there.


  • From your teachers

Remember those reports you received from school congratulating on your Excellency and great performance. In instant, believed you were intelligent, confident and capable, didn’t you? Recollect another instance, where you received a rebuked for poor performance, with you teacher repeating vehemently:

You are a poor, weak and unintelligent student. How did you feel? You sounded awful and you felt you were a jerk and loser. Right?  You picked some beliefs here both empowering and limiting.

If you teachers were kind and they encouraged you no matter the results, you will be convinced that everything is possible and it’s so if only you set your mind to do it. On the contrary, if you received constant blames saying you can’t win, you are loser, unintelligent, lazy, etc. These therefore becomes a belief you build around yourself and it continuous to follow in life pulling you down.

  • From authorities

As you were growing and even as you are now, you have some personalities you do idol, they are you role models. Authorities such business tycoons, celebrities, state official, medical specialists and many more have influence on what you belief in.

If the expert say, then it must be true. Right?

Expects are people who are believed to be learned and have massive knowledge in a certain field of study. Your boss, your therapist, the celebrity that you idol or the president of your country is an expert or an authority.

Because of their standings, you tend to belief in what they say to be true and authentic. So you incorporate such ideas into your own life.

However, some of these ideas can be drastically wrong. Consider this, if your doctor tells you can’t walk any longer without any serious reasons, you would belief it to be true because your doctor said it (expert).

What are your beliefs?

Having an understanding now what and where you beliefs come from, it’s good you know exactly what you believe in about yourself and others.This will help you overcome limiting beliefs.

I have developed three amazing questions you can ask yourself and with a sincere answer, you can instantly determine what your beliefs about yourself and others are.

  • What do you believe about yourself? Eg. I believe I am smart. Confident and intelligent, I am lazy, I can’t work hard, I am a good father or mother, I am lovable and graceful.
  • What do you belief is possible in your world?

Something like I can do anything if i want to, I will not succeed at my job interview, I’ll never kick my drinking habit, hard work always payoff.

  • What do you believe about other people’s relationship to you?

Oh people are generally supportive and warm, I don’t have great friends, my colleagues at work or school support my ideas,

                What are limiting beliefs?

Now that you understand what lack of confidence is, what beliefs are and how there are formed, it is time we dig more into limiting beliefs—the worst of all beliefs

A limiting belief is simply a belief or an idea you hold about yourself, that is, belief about your strengths, skills, abilities, competences, knowledge and still counting that prevent you from achieving a stated goal.

 Limiting beliefs are negative or false convictions that you have assimilated in your subconscious that you are unable to do certain things. Simply said, they’re beliefs that limit your ability to do something desirable.

Your limiting beliefs such as: I’m deceitful, I’m unattractive, I can’t, it is impossible, no one likes me, I’m lazy, I can’t speak in public, my performance at work can never increase and others, are what is killing your confidence level today.

Limiting belief is like a stain in a pure white neatly ironed garment. It can easily be spotted even from a long distance.  These beliefs those that hold your back and make you less confident.

Highly confident people know and have overcome any thought that limit them as a result they have unstoppable confident that enable them to get whatever they want whenever they want it. They’re able to achieve any goal they set for themselves and they are more successful.

You will learn exactly how to overcome limiting beliefs just like confident people.

how to overcome limiting beliefs

How to overcome limiting beliefs

In this section, I’ll show a workable and tested proven ways to overcome limiting beliefs and  provoking thoughts immediately without being hard on yourself.

Let’s consider these truths……

Before jump in to swim with me, I would want to get these fact solidified and imprinted on your mind.

  • All beliefs are learned or acquired. And anything that is learnt can be unlearned
  • Anything is possible if you belief
  • You can do anything you set your mind to do if only you want to
  • Any thought you hold in your mind for some time becomes a reality
  • Anything you do repeatedly becomes a habit
  • It is possible and easy to acquire new and more confidence building beliefs.

Let’s get started….

The first thing to do in order to defeat your hindering beliefs is:

  • Accept that you have a limiting belief

Taking responsible that you have a limiting belief is by far the most important thing you must do. The merely recognising of the fact that over the years you have acquired a limiting belief will immediately takes it power away.

Recognising that you always say you can’t will not only show that you’re being honest with yourself, but will also allow you to make viable plans to change them. The key here is to push yourself to overcome limiting beliefs by beliving you hve them

  • Decide that you no longer have a limiting

This the part I love most, here, you decide you are unlimited. You begin this processing by believing that you have no limitation at all

Imagine for a moment that you have within you all the power, skills, knowledge and all the confident to do anything you ever wanted to do. Decide that you have all the confidence and the competence to go on a date and all the flair to win ran that race.

Imagine you have all the confidence to make a glorious presentation and all the charisma to influence people. Just playing this mind games with yourself can lead to a tremendous breakthrough in your confidence level. It is the only best mind game you can play today to challenge your self-limiting beliefs.

  • Using actions filled affirmations

You can defeat your limiting belief forever through a constantly repeated affirmations.

Affirmations are sentences that make specific and positive statements about yourself as though there were already true. Affirmation has been used by many self-confident individual to overcome limiting beliefs. This technique is effective because it allows you to directly implant positive images into your subconscious mind.


Characteristic of   a working affirmation

You have to note here that it’s not every affirmation that can accomplish it stated purpose. A working affirmation need and must the following qualities:

  • It is specific: example, I am confident at speaking to strangers is specific than I’m confident. The best question to determine whether it is specific is:


A specific statement is unambiguous:

  • It is positive: example I radiate energy throughout today. This statement is a positive, present self-centred belief affirmation and it works like magic.
  • Faith backed; a working affirmations is a faith backed one. Faith is a state of mind. It is a strong extremely crazy conviction that is possible the thoughts you hold in your mind can be experience in the physical realm. Faith is the creative force behind all miracles. Your affirmations need to be supported with a strong belief that you can even if you think you can’t.
  • It must be repeated: an affirmation is worth nothing if it is not constantly repeated to enable it sink into the subconscious mind. Research suggest that you need to repeat something 15 to 20 times before it becomes part of you.
  • Action packed:

The truth is that your continual repetition will only result in zero percent improvement if you don’t back it will action. The repetition, only get the ideas solidified and cemented in your mind but the action is the exact specific plan to carry out what you affirm.

You’ll continue to affirm that you’re confident speaking in public but you’ll never see yourself doing it if you don’t get off your butt and do it. You can repeat 100 times that you are confident at introducing yourself to strangers at social functions.

But to be frank, you’ll never introduce yourself until you start to introduce yourself to the people you meet on daily basis. This’s what we call action. Action is the only antidote to fear. It when you jump in and start swimming without waiting for all conditions to perfect.

developing a positive affirmation

Developing a personal workable positive affirmations

Since you have gotten the grips of affirmations, it is done unto you to develop your own.

Below is a working method to follow:

  • Take a sheet of paper, divide into two parts. Label the left side as My Limiting Beliefs and the right side My Empowering Beliefs
  • Come up with a list of all negative beliefs:

Example: I don’t have the confidence to ask her out.

I’m a shy person so I can’t speak in public

  • Write them down in the My Limiting Beliefs column. Write as many as you can
  • Now under the My Empowering Beliefs, think of the opposite statement of each

of the negative beliefs. Example: using the first person (“I”) you will write, I have the confidence to ask her out. I’m confident so I can speak in public.

  • Go to the My Limiting Beliefs on the right side of your paper and strike through all the negative beliefs words one by one, with a thick black pen. This help your mind to destroy those negative associations.
  • Read your positive statement slow and powerfully aloud for at least 10 times that instant. Have some fun speaking boldly and positively to yourself. It is cool right?
  • Repeat your affirmations daily in slowly and meditative state every day. Repeat it early in the morning, in fact the first thing before you roll out of your bed. Again, repeat it 10 to 15 times before you retire to bed.
  • Early in the morning and the last thing before you close those beautiful eyes of yours for a sweet sleep, is the best time to impress your subconscious mind with images. This statement is backed by a solid scientific research.
  • Do this for at least the next 15 days and will see your confidence soaring. You will get a glimpse of reality shown to you in a clear sound and vivid picture. Do you feel it?
  • Don’t forget to come up with an action plan to at least implement what affirm daily. For example, if you affirm that you have the confidence speaking to strangers at social functions, your action plan can be to say “Hi” with a smile (at the slightest opportunity) to anybody you fancy or come across in your workplace, at school or even in public places. You get it?

how to build your confidence

 How to build your self-confidence like a pro

Yap! I said it. I belief now you have with you the most valuable information ever to overcome you limiting beliefs. I want to share with you some tips that will improve you confident quickly like pro becoming more and unstoppable.

  • Stay in the positive

Discipline yourself to see the positive side of every situation will build your confidence.

  • Forget the past, concentrate on now and makes plans for the future. The past is always the past. No amount of efforts can make up what went wrong yesterday right, today. Concentrating on your past failures sucks your self-confidence. It makes you believe you are worth nothing.

The best thing to do: is to learn from past failures and incorporated the lessons to the presence and the future. This’s how you can build you self-confidence.

  • Learn new skills

Learning and improving your skills increases your confidence level. Confidence is co-joint with competence, acquiring the necessary skills in an area of study or work will make you feel proud about yourself. This feeling will improve yourself esteem. And there comes confidence.

  • Move with positive minded people

Most at times, the thing that makes you feel you lack confidence is words of other people around. Their negative words can affect you confidence. Surrounding yourself with people who understand and encourages you can boost you confidence.

  • Face your fears

How long will run away? Your fears are those limiting beliefs you have conquered. As the philosopher William Jennings Bryan puts: “The way to develop self-confidence is to do the things that you fear” doing the things that you fear to do, literally elements fear and build in you courage and confidence. And by so doing, you invariably overcome limiting beliefs.

  • Help others in any small way you can

There always a feeling satisfaction when you extend a helping hand to someone who is in need.  It does not necessary means donating money to charity homes, but it may also include helping that old man cross the street, passing the document to colleague worker, taking a friend out for a launch and even encouraging others.

Final thoughts

I know that I have successful digested the sole aim for which this article was written. It is up to take actions and apply the applicable. Overcoming limiting beliefs doesn’t happen in the blue. It is a process and takes time and patience. You need to take it easy with yourself and will see an astonishing result.

You would have learnt

  1. What lack of confidence really is and how to overcome it
  2. You can overcome limiting beliefs by recognising they exist. And a workable affirmations coupled with actions you will kick negative beliefs out of your life
  3. Go now apply the confident building tips and keep yourself rocking.

How did you overcame your limiting beliefs recently? Freely share with me what you think.


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