Seth Duodu Finally Declares His Intention For the SRC Presidency

Seth Duodu for SRC


This season of the trimester is always seen with people moving around lectures hall to lectures hall, hostel to hostels, stating empathetically and authoritatively their desires to run for A or B portfolio.

Well, the truth is that many just do so because others are doing it.

Only a handful can really cause the impact we the student have been waiting for.

As part of Kampus Trends initiative and offer, We opened Our doors and we are still open to all aspiring campus politician to submit a blog post to be published for free on our widely red website or calls us for a an interview.

And so today, we catch up live with a young energetic, innovator. A young man with brilliant ideas who is contesting for the SRC presidency this trimester.

Our interview with him went this way:

Reporter: “Who is Seth Doudu? Tell us something about yourself”

Mr. Seth: “My name is Seth Doudu, a level 200 Bachelor of Commerce student of University for Development Studies (Wa Campus). I gained admission in to this reputable institution in the year 2015.

I am an innovator, a business oriented person and I also have the growth and the betterment of the students of UDS in heart”.

Reporter: “Very good then, Where have you been all these years”?

Mr. Seth: “Haha, I have been on the grounds for some time now trying to see the forces. It’s good to be in UDS, Wa Campus and I don’t know what can make me think I’m at the wrong place, never. All that I look for in my environment is opportunity and I found it here.”

Reporter: “What opportunity do you find here? Is it the chance to chop Our money Mr. Seth”?

Mr. Seth: “I am not talking about the opportunity to be corrupt, tribal, greedy and unproductive. No, not all. But the opportunity to development in diverse ways and collective efforts.

I found it but the environment does not allow easy penetration due to certain patterns that seems unchangeable.

I have personally gone through a lot of them and have now come up with series of innovations that in no time will pave way for impacts. I have the school at heart and I have decided on this”.

Reporter: “What do you think student see the SRC now”?

“Many students see the SRC as being toothless and irrelevant. Particularly, when comes to the operations of SRC in the affairs of students.

They don’t reach the levels of decision-making power that many students would like them to have. However where the SRC can make meaningful changes, it often falls short.

Where it does make meaningful changes, it doesn’t manage to communicate this effectively to students.”


Reporter: “Looking at all these, what do you think students must do in this upcoming elections”?

Mr. Seth: “Looking at these issues which can handled easily as I have pointed out. I think the best thing students of UDS Wa campus must is to get into office, next academic year, a person who will represent students with a clear vision.”

 Reporter: “Mr. Seth, can you please further elaborate what you mean by a leader will a clear vision”?

Mr. Seth: “In fact, for every governance to sustain and make real impact in the life of it citizenry, the leadership must have clear, well written cut goals and visions.

If you see a person with a vision, trust me you will know. But let me just illustrate with these points:

A leader with a vision must do these following when it comes to SRC:

  • Understanding that the SRC as a body has structural limits in terms of its power.
  • Realizing, despite limits, that the SRC can do meaningful work by serving as an intermediary between students and decision-makers within the University.
  • Making SRC more approachable, and thus both more accountable and more open to students.
  • Improving the physical visibility of SRC to maximize student input into SRC affairs.

Reporter: “But are sure you naturally fit into these criteria as you have described”?

Mr. Seth: “Of course I fit perfectly. It has always been my dream. And I am willing to work on it day in and day out.

This is why my team would be humbly but effectively present SETH DUODU to the student populace of UDS Wa Campus for endorsement as the next SRC president when the current abled administration opens the doors to electing new executives into office.

Don’t be taken by the empty particles floating but focus on the good things that are settled under the soup.

Let’s Unite, support and endorse SETH Duodu for Development.

#The Entrepreneur  #The Choosen #LiLoP”


Reporter: “Thank you very much Mr. Seth Duodu for having on the show today.

Ladies and gentlemen, well, you heard it yourself.

That was a short but powerful interview a young and zealous man. Seth Duodo SRC President Hopeful.

I know some questions were running through mind. Do you think we should even vote all? Can this campus politicians deliver as they always promise? What do you think? Drop them below”

James Kiliffin
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