The Bedroom Show Goes Live Today

the bedroom show

The Bedroom Show that you have waiting for Goes Live Today and you can’t afford not to be there.

Yesterday Kampus Trends as part of Our initiatives to bring you live events happening on campus met with the mastermind behind The Bedroom show which is happening live today at Hall UDS Wa.

You’ve heard about My Ex-Wife is my Neighbour, Pastor Nwokoh’s Demos don’t you, these are the handiworks of the UDS Theatre Troupe and today, they bring you another unforgettable experience on stage. It is The Bedroom.

the bedroom show

On the show was our own host Seth Duodu, Mr. Atsu Adalatey and Mrs. Nihad Abubakari

The bedroom is a place basically used for sleeping that is what come into your mind isn’t it?

You are not wrong though but there is something you definitely don’t know yet.

Seth: What is the Bedroom show all about?

The Bedroom is basically a collection experiences that I have been through myself and with the people I have worked with said the writer and the founder of Pro I Media Mr. Atsu

He continue further to say:

Looking at the title THE BEDROOM, people might be thinking nudity. No it is far from that. It is something that is so deep, something that is with us, something that can transform lives.

There is a lot buried in there in the bedroom. You know the mallams have problems in the bedroom, the pastors also. I mean generally, people have problems in the bedroom.

That is why I said it is a collection of experience and a learning show.

The bedroom show is a stage performing powered by UDS Theatre Troupe in collaboration with Pro I Media.

Seth: A lot happens at the Bedroom right? So what should we expect?

Expect the Bedroom to be a thrill of experience. You to enjoy and learn said Mrs. Nihad

But this bedroom is based on practical experience.

There also a lot of people in the bedroom isn’t? For kids are there, mommy is there and dad also is there.

As the slogan goes, experience is the best teacher, then it means you should grab a ticket right away to learn from these massive life changing experiences.

Check this event out: Too Risky party.

Show Details

Venue: Hall 1

Time: 7pm

Rate: Ghs7 for single and Ghs10 double

Trust TV is going to be live and the whole show will be live too. You can’t afford to miss it.



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