Tips for First Year University Students:7 Awesome Ways To Save Your Life


Tips for First year university students: 7 life changing this every first year university or college student should know.

I have got some tips for first year university students and somethings I am always wishing I should have done in my first year in the university.

I was extremely excited when I learned that I had gotten admission into one of the best university in Ghana, UDS.

Finally is was my time to also enjoy the maximum freedom and the university life style.

My first year in the university was quite fun and more of excitement. But little did I know that all a while I was making some mistakes that were costing me real money, time and energy.

So, I wrote this post as a free advice and tips for first year university students so they could to learn from the mistakes I made. Trust me, they have cost me real pain.

What you will learn:

  • What is university all about?
  • What to do in your first year in university
  • Thing I wish I should have done
  • Take homes

What is university all about?

Many students misunderstand the real meaning of university education. So instead, they mess up and do things they will regret latter.

University education is another transition of your educational and it is a stage of maturity. Being a university student depicts a sign of maturity and self-reliance.

The university is not only about acquiring degrees and doing only academic stuffs. It entails much more than you can imagine.

Getting your hands on proven tips for first year university students can be very helpful. And this exactly what I am giving you.

What there for is university education about?

Some of the things making up the University education entails the following:

  • It is about learning
  • Making friends and build solid connections
  • Attending lectures
  • Doing research
  • Writing exams and doing projects and assignments
  • Obeying school rules
  • It is about freedom
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-motivated
  • Starting a business
  • Making your parents proud
  • Blowing the A’s
  • It is about making fun and enjoying the campus life style.
  • It’s about dating and getting married.
  • It a part of life.
  • It about planning your future.

Tips for first year university students: what should you do as a first year university students

At the university, you are seen and recognised as a mature person. And you should do the following:

  • Independent thinking
  • Maturity in acts and deeds
  • Respects and obedience
  • Self-motivated
  • Self-reliance
  • Show Confidence
  • Attend lectures
  • Do assignment
  • Participate in examination
  • Do well to pass your papers
  • Connect
  • Be creative

Tips for first year university students: Things I wish I should have done in my first year at University.

I deeply regret certain opportunities and chances I made to pass by. It pain my heart when I recollect the precious times I have wasted on unimportant things. They have really cost me something valuable.

The best way to live bitter free life in university is to put to use these tips for first years university students you will learn from this post

These tips will put you at a far and a safe ground. So let get going.


  • I wish I made great friends

One of my most deeply regretted thing I wish I had done during my first year as university student was to make a lot of cool friends.

I was closed in my own shell like a snail. I never allow or made myself friendly. Neither did even tried to make new friends.

We are social beings and we thrive more on social connections and friendships. It is our basic need. You can imagine how life will be to lack a basic need.


I was always feeling lonely. Not having anywhere one to talk to. Not to talk of mingling. When it comes to the female friends, don’t even go there. I steal every chance to escape an introduction.

I think the problem was my lack of confidence, lack of self-knowledge, fear and foolishness.

You cannot afford to make the same mistakes. Make good and new friends! I mean a lot of them. If you are a lady, mingle with the guys and if you are a guy do same.

Do you know the benefits?

Building and making friends:

  • Takes you out of lonely
  • Satisfy a psychological need of humans
  • Help improve your academics
  • Teach you real life lessons
  • Makes you popular and a whole lot.

I should have Read more books

I always regret for not reading enough books. An average a person can read about 52 books a year, one book a week, 1 hour a day.

I didn’t even complete 12 books a is something I regret not doing. Books are sources of knowledge, wealth, health, business ideas, success happiness and any other thing you can thinks of.

Everything you need is sitting on the pages of a book. Reading is a key ingredient to success

I did read some books though but that wasn’t enough. I simply performed below my standard. Aside my academics, I had enough time to have read any book in order to increase my knowledge base.


Bust instead, I wasted time.

Tips for first year university students: please don’t make this mistake. Read, read and read like never before.

Lessons: Do you know what reading can do to you?

Reading books does the following:

  • Increases you vocabs
  • Expand you knowledge based
  • Makes you more empathetic
  • Increase your brain power
  • Expose you to life changing and innovative ideas
  • Make you more valuable and respected
  • Takes you out of ignorance
  • Can save a lot money
  • Will make you money and still counting

Just read anything, novels, motivation, articles, blogs, and biographies. I mean read a lot of things

I wish I Invested money

Since it was my first year in the university, I was green, loader and fresh. I could afford luxury.

I spent most of time partying, and chilling, wasting money on unimportant stuffs.

I could have saved money. I could have invested some. One year as at now, I would have made some good money from my investments. But what do I have now? Zero banks accounts and investment portfolios.

Save Money

I strongly regret this. And I just don’t want you to do. I recommend you open a savings account now and put some coins there. Or better still buy T-bills or do fixed deposits

Lessons: what saving money can do for you:

You probably know what saving money can do or will do for you don’t you? If you don’t know, don’t fret, I got some points down. Savings and investment will:

  • Make you a billionaire
  • Save your soul, a friends or a family members
  • Give a start-up capital for your business
  • Leave a peaceful life
  • Change your life
  • Accessing to what other don’t have
  • Earn you respect and dignity
  • Make you live a comfortable life

Started a business

I could have a started a campus based business. My colleagues who own a campus based business or businesses which fetching them money are not supper human or super intelligent people.

No, they are just like you and I in everything thing excerpt for one thing.

 Strat a Business

Which is: they started a business which I could have started also.

I could have learnt how to generate billion dollars business ideas and how to start a business. But I did not. So I can’t even tell the impacts I made in my own life during my first year in the university.

But is not too late for me or for you. By this reason have I written these tips for first year university students so as to show them a clear path.

Lessons. What starting business can do for you.

Starting you own business as a university student has a lot of positive impacts in your life. Let look at a few:

  • It a road to self-made and financial freedom
  • Provide you job
  • Provide a constant source of income
  • Makes you popular
  • Gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment
  • Gives you a place in life to also contribute , solve problems and help others
  • Win you friends and the support of people


Dating has always been a hot thing not only on campus but the whole planet. This is something almost every human being is or may indulged in. So why was I left out in the first place.

There are only two personalities in on this earth: a man and a woman. Dating makes it possible to learn more about other personalities.

Couple, dating

I was afraid, timid and I lacked confidence. So I never dated in my first year at university. But most of my colleagues did and now they a fountain of experience to pull from when the hit an ice berg.

Don’t do same. Mingle, make friend and date but please don’t go the extreme keep it low and simple.

Lessons: What dating on campus will do for you

Because of the misconception around dating, many people see it as a “sin” and a wrong doing. But that is not the case. Dating is a stage in friendship. Dating has these benefits:

  • It is the best avenue to learn more about other personalities
  • It gives the best ideas and insights into choosing the perfect spouse
  • It provide d a forum for mutual support
  • It satisfies a core human need
  • Promote social cohesion

I should have been more attentive during lectures

Lectures is a major aspect of university education. In fact, it’s based on lectures that student are held accountable with exams. I did attended lecture alright.

But many times, I was inattentive. Because university students are matured, there is no limitation on the use of phone, and other smart devices.

Tips For First Year University Students:

This freedom created a problem which was very difficult to solve.

I often play with my phone during lectures. Never listen or ask questions. Something, I will just be waiting for the lectures to be over so I could go back to my hostel.

This really affected my academics. I began losing interest in studying, and started question the purpose of the degree I will acquiring. It is very bad to do this.

Tips for first year university students: every student must pay attention during lectures because the consequences are forever painful.

If it possible switch off your phone or put away any device that might distract you and fully committing yourself into the lecture so you can benefit in the long run.

Lessons: what paying attention during lecture will do for you:

Being attentive during lectures will:

  • Boost your understanding of key concept and overall lecture
  • Make your perform better in exams
  • Win your lectures trust and respect
  • Save you money from resisting for failed papers
  • Save you much time
  • Make you smart

Acquire new skills

I feel sorry for myself about having wasted full year without acquiring any sect of commercial or life improvement skills during my first year at the university. There were several opportunities but I failed to see.

The current nature of the world we are living in now is spectacular. People with right skills get the jobs, respect and the money.

You can’t afford to slip like I did. Acquire new skills that are related to your passion. Learn more about tech and how it is changing the way we do things.

It is possible to learn things differently from the course you are pursuing. If there anything you think you should know, simply learn how to do that.

Lessons: What acquiring new skills will do for you?

  • It can get you a job
  • It helps your better yourself
  • It challenges you do use your talents
  • It increases yourself worth and importance
  • It puts your far ahead of your colleges.

Take homes

This article is my mistakes and lessons learned during my first year in the university. It is the best tips for first year university students you can ever get. It is from my heart.

You don’t necessary have to start a business in your first year at the university, but if you can, please do.

You may not have to read 52 books a year but please read at least read some good books on areas of your interest

You may not need to acquire new sets of skills nevertheless, it is something you can do.

You may not have to save or invest money, however, you must save money if you want to become financial independent.

If you decide not to date in your first year in university, fine, but at least you must date if you want to marry.

If you decide not to be attentive during lectures, I am cool with that. But, what is the point in going to the university with your parents investing much in you?

Final Thoughts

These tips for first year university students are from my experience as a first year university student. You can apply those you deem appropriate. But at least do one or two of these in your first year.

Did you enjoy this post? Have got questions? What were some mistakes you made as a first year student in the university? Do you think something so be added or taken out?

Freely your mind on this. I don’t really care rewriting the entire article to reflect your good suggestions and ideas. Just drop your comments below

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