Is It Risky To be Too Risky?

too risky party

Too risky party coming on live! A party powered by Zone Two Boys!

In life , only those who take risks can actually go far. Without risks there are no reward.

Therefore, it is necessary that from time to time, you take some risks. But does this means you should take every risk?

The answer is a big NO!

 Wise people take calculated risks.

Take this Risk.It is never Risky

Sometimes you get bored right? Attending lectures, moving rounds, sleeping and waking up eating and sleeping. It is too boring and doll? Isn’t?

too risky party

It is time to mingle and have fun.

Well,there is a perfect opportunity to break away from this repetitive boredom.

It is happening live.

Come and lets have fun at the Too Risky Party

It is bigger and more splendorous!

There ladies and going to be there, guys.

There fresh guys will also be in the building.

Program Time and Activities

Date: Friday 17th February, 2017

Venue: Sem B

Time: 8 PM sharp Till you drop!

Rate: Cool Ghs 10

Ticket will be available at the gate.

Unlimited Activities Packages

  • There is will snooker
  • Beer Pong
  • FIFA 2017
  • Red Carpet Live
  • Photography

Too Risky Party: Bonus Packages and Services.

Some risks are worth taking. And this Too Risky Party is a risk worth taking. Because all of the things below will be free:

  • Free WiFi
  • Free Drinks
  • Free Tickets for ladies
  • Free fun
  • Unrestricted Mingling. Wow!

Some Great and Talented DJ’s and key Personalities too will be in the Building!

  • Meet the Almighty DJ King Biah
  • DJ Spinchia
  • DJ Stacus
  • Panda
  • FootPrint
  • WildOut
  • Nuels

I mean You can’t afford to miss this.

The Too Risky party is proudly sponsered by MTN, Ghana most reliable network.  Switch to MTN to Unlimited 4G.



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