The “Cows Video” Meant No Insult to Northerners And UDS students -Mr. Atsu Adaletey

Atsu Adaletey

I Meant No Insult to the People of the North And UDS When I Said “Cows”in the video promo I made for the The Bedroom show -Mr Atsu Adaletey

There has been a lot movement on campus since yesterday concerning a video posted on various UDS Wa Campus WhatsApp platforms by the renewed Mr. Atsu Adaletey the Production Manager of Pro Eye Media.

He visited for the unprecedented play “The Bedroom Show” going live tonight at Hall 1, a show brought to you by UDS Theatre Troupe in collaboration with Pro Eye Media.

Over the days and even now, this video has generated a lot reactions on various social media platforms misinterpreted to mean an insult to the people of the north and for that matter UDS Wa Campus Students.

The “Cow Video” has been misinterpreted-Mr. Atsu Adaletey

The video that was meant to be a mere hype to catch attention for the upcoming show, The Bedroom- a romantic play with great life lessons on relationships, love and marriage, that was to happen yesterday and to continue today, didn’t go well as it was deemed to be.

Well, Kampus Trends reached out live to Mr. Atsu Adaletey so he could clarify things for the purpose pacification and love.

Earlier this morning, Our interview with him when this way:

Reporter: “Have you heard about all the riots and the movements on campus concerning the cow video you did yesterday?”

Mr. Atsu Adaletey: “Yes, I have heard it. But, I am so sorry I haven’t been able outer a word yet because of the play (The Bedroom Show). And so I am glad Kampus Trends, you are here so we can elucidate the mysteries around the video.”

Reporter: “Ok”

Mr. Atsu:” Please I didn’t send an apology because I was so hot yesterday. Honestly, I apologies if you took it as an insult. But it wasn’t meant to be.”

Reporter “So are you therefore saying, your real motives have been misrepresented and distorted?”

Mr. Atsu: “Yes basically, my good intentions have been twisted, perverted and belied to mean evil, storm of violence and an act of ferocity.”

Reporter “Can you then tell us, exactly what you meant?”

Mr. Atsu: “Very good then, I will say word for word, he told Kampus Trends

I was just walking to Hall 1 with my pals and at a point, I stopped to do a short promo video.

In the shooting process, the cows at that scene caught my attention. So I said the magic phrase that is generating all this riots.


the bedroom show

All of a sudden, I heard the people murmuring and getting irritated thinking I am referring to them as cows! Oh my God, I can’t do such a thing?”

Reporter: “But this can be interpreted to mean insult to the people of North don’t you think?”

Mr. Atsu Adaletey: “What? How can I do that? If you care to know, my lovely wife is a northerner and I love her and her people so much. So how can I outer something like this, it will be a clear sign of disrespect, and an action can cause war.

Secondly, I haven’t even read about the Rwanda genocide? I’m not that head-block to have use my talent, in the name of publicity to fuel violence and a hindrance of peace and the integrity of the people of north whom I proudly belong now.

It’s just so unfortunate. Ok, if I’m referring to the people here as cows, how do I expect them to patronize our show “The Bedroom Show

In the latter part of the video, the cows are said to enter freely and HUMAN BEINGS PAYING.

Now, it is clear that the humans are the focus.  Here the cows are but a comic bait to attract people, to grab their attention of the programme rates.”

Reporter: “People are insulting you right now. What do you have to say about that?”

Mr. Atsu Adaletey: “What has this creative promo got to do with violence?  Well, I’m speechless. My ethical values would not permit me to insult back or act rudely.

I am a man of peace. And I stand for peace and peace alone. So, all those who insulted me: I say, to err is human and forgive is love….❤”

Reporter: “So tell us, is there any way we can actually confirmed that you are not Violent in your dealings?”

Mr. Atsu Adaletey: “Look at me, I stand for peace. Though face alone cannot tell whether a man is violent or not.

But, you people at Kampus Trends and the UDS Theatre Troupe lead by Mrs. Nihad Abubakari, have known me over the years and you can testify I stand for peace.

I humbly recommend that those who doubt me can take some time to check my background to know whether my works are “violent-inspiring” or not

They are completely free from gender bias, tribalism, racism and anything that have to do with crimson.

If I have been a person of violent, the TV personality and the renowned Actress Mrs. Effah Chapman popularly known as Mama Naija wouldn’t even care to be Our Guest of Honour Yesterday the Bedroom Show, the part one.”

Reporter: “Sure, that’s holds some water”

“Go to YouTube, or Google my name: “ATSU ADALETEY” and see what comes up whether anything relates to violence?”

Reporter: “Let Us rap up Mr. Atsu Adaletey, your final words.”

“It’s my prayer that those who sent the wrong interpretation of my promo video would find it fair to positively publicise and patronise The Bedroom Show That Goes Live Today which is coming on live tonight 7 pm at Hall 1 UDS Wa Campus.

You can grab your ticket for as cool as Ghs10 for double and Ghs7 for single. This show is what you can’t afford to miss.”

Reporter: “Thank you very much Mr. Atsu Adaletey for calming the storms and clarifying the mysteries surrounding the “cows  video”.

Please note that this conversation has been Endorsed by MAMA NAIJA of Success Stories TRUST TV.

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